• "Everything was explained in detail, Florence location very clean and staff were very professional."
    Karolyn E.
  • "Had my first appt today and it was awesome! The heat was great and I really liked the massage/wave vibration. It really relaxed me."
    Sherry W.
  • "Just had my 2nd body pod session. Liked it so much I bought more. Went in with pain in my elbow and lower back. Came out with my elbow pain gone and almost pain free in my lower back. I should have done this a long time ago !!!!!"
  • "I have completed 2 of my 3 sessions and I love going and relaxing. Friendly staff and clean environment."
    Cary P.
  • "I loved going in the pod. The infrared lights were so warming and relaxing. The heat helped my knee, and my skin feels smoother! I recommend trying this !!! You replied 2 days ago"
    Stacey C.
  • "I was so relaxed when I got out. It was a great to have the time to totally relax and have a message as I laid there. I would recommend this for anyone. I did not think I was stressed but I felt so much better when I got out."
    Sue L.
  • "I have had two sessions in the body pod and found it to be very relaxing. The temperature is super comfortable, which is not what I expected. After leaving the body pod I feel refreshed and ready to start my day. I wish I had one at home LOL."
    Patricia T.
  • "This was my first experience using the body pod. it was a totally relaxing experience. I was greeted by friendly staff and completely oriented to the pod prior to beginning my session. I look forward to my next session."
    Erin M.
  • "The body pod is wonderfully relaxing and feels great on sore muscles"
    Michelle C.
  • "My experience with the pod and the group has been excellent. Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I enjoy wave/massage and all the health benefits. Looking forward to continuing the treatments. Highly recommended!"
    Ann L.
  • "I went for my first two visits while it was really cold outside (under 10 degrees). The Bod Pod felt so warm and comfortable. It was a really relaxing experience. I'm going to try the recommended 6 visits to see how my joints feel after treatment."
    Stephenie G.
  • "Went once so far, and I really enjoyed it. I went for psoriasis. I will try it again."
    Suzanne S.
  • "The Body Pod is a wonderful way to ease sore muscles and promote healing. I’m a regular at this great practice and the Dr is very knowledgeable and friendly."
    Lisa K.
  • "Amazing experience! Results were immediate. The Dr. was extremely pleasant and professional. I felt rejuvenated and less stressed as soon as I was finished. Excited to return!"
    Kathy F.
  • "Great experience. Facility was clean and staff was friendly and professional. Very relaxing."
    Amanda G.
  • "I LOVED my experience with the Body Pod! I went to the one in Kenwood... SUPER nice Dr and the experience was SO RELAXING! I was skeptical at first, but after 3 sessions, I DEFINITELY noticed a difference. I’ll be going back!"
    Deborah H.
  • "Extremely professional and helpful staff. Great experience."
    Meghan K.
  • "Friendly, informative staff within a warm and inviting setting. Visible results with no effort! I highly recommend."
    Christine C.
  • "The Pod is relaxing and comfortable. I listened to my music on my phone to make for an even more peaceful experience. At first I was really worried about it being too hot or stuffy, but it was actually more of an arid heat and felt like having the sun on my skin. I have done 6 visits and have noticed the skin on my legs starting to tighten."
  • "This has been very relaxing. After my first visit, my mood was very calm. I’ve had back pain (possibly stress related). Although not gone, it has eased. I didn’t sweat much. After researching, it seems the therapy may be more effective if longer than 15 minutes in the pod. I do armbands for the first 10 minutes and my mood starts to relax to enjoy the “spa” time. 30 minutes would be nice."
    Wendy R.
  • "Treat yourself, the pod is firming me up! The real draw is pain relief. The office has nutritional programs and treatment for pain. Very informative about the pod, every question answered."
    Vanessa J.
  • "1st visit Extremely relaxing. Felt working “warmth” hours later. Excited to see results!"
    Holly H.
  • "The body pad is not just losing weight, chronic pain and skin changing more youthful I love it so far"
    Monica V.
  • "Great experience, enjoyed the bod pod session. Definitely will go back"
  • "I purchased 3 sessions, and although the weight loss I was hoping for did not magically occur in these three visits😉, I did receive other benefits including the reduced appearance of spider veins in my legs. I found the facility welcoming and relaxing and the doctor was kind and happy to answer any questions."
  • "I love this place! I originally bought this maybe to lose couple pounds and tighten my skin up but the benefits are wonderful I can go in with aching joints and come out pain free."
  • "I am so happy I gave this a try! I have enjoyed 5 sessions so far and wish I could go more often! Such a relaxing experience that makes me feel energized and healthier. Such an easy way to pamper myself! Very easy to schedule on line, they have evening and weekend hours too."
  • "The body pod is amazing! I go for inflammation and pain relief, I have definitely noticed a difference. Dr. Redman is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!"
  • "Super easy scheduling! Clean room! Very king! I was nervous and unsure when buying this but I’m so glad I did!"
    Abigail J.
  • "Great experience. Facility was clean and staff was friendly and
    professional. Very relaxing."
    Amanda G


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