Commonly Asked Questions

So Glad You Asked!

The following is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive concerning the The Body Pod. 

 If your question isn't answered, click the "Location"  tab at the top of this page for the contact number to your center directly. 

We want to make sure you are taken care of,  that you feel comfortable during your sessions and you know how to get the best results.  

Q. How Often Can I Use The Body Pod?

A. For best results we recommend using The Body Pod once daily or every other day.  If not, schedule when you can and you will still get great results and still see many benefits with weight loss, sculpting and pain relief.

Q. How Many Sessions Are Needed to See Results? 

A. While results will vary with each person, we recommend and feel confident you will see results in 1-3 sessions, but we recommend in the beginning at least 6-10 sessions to get started. 

Q. What Do I Wear? 

A. You can wear whatever you're  comfortable in and still get great results.  Keep in mind, the more surface area exposed to the red light the better. Also, you will sweat some.  Most people wear very little, such as underwear, bathing suit, sports bra and shorts or nothing.  You are in a private locked room.    

Q. How Long Are The Sessions?

A. Your sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes.  This includes time to get undressed and dressed. You are in The Body Pod for 15 minutes. 

Q. Do I Need To Do Anything Special Before Or After My Sessions?

A. We ask that you hydrate with clean filtered or bottle water before and after your sessions to help flush out toxins.  Also,  try to not to eat at least 1 hr before or after you sessions.  If you can not do this, do not worry. You will still see great results but this helps to maximize your sculpting, weight loss and pain relief benefits. 

Q.  How Do I Schedule My Sessions? 

A. All sessions are scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled online for your convenience. Go to the "Schedule Your Sessions" tab at the top of this page and just follow the prompts. Not tech savvy?  No problem.  If you have any difficulty scheduling your sessions online call your center or office directly and they can assist you.  If needed, they can walk you thru the process on the phone to make sure you are scheduled correctly and taken care of.  Please do not hesitate to contact you office or center if you need help in anyway. 

Q.  How Often Can I Use A Groupon Or An Online Discount Promotion? 

A. Each person can redeem one Groupon or online discount promotion once every 6 months but don't worry, as you can purchase as many sessions as you like by clicking the "Purchase Sessions" tab at the top of this page.  We have affordable packages and promotions to help you get the sessions and results you are looking for.

We Hope This Helps and We Look Forward To Meeting You!


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